Newbie swingers visit a house filled with many swing couples

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Betafucker 3 years ago
This man dying inside
Anon 1 year ago
Kind of feel for this poor dude. It’s not captured in this vid, but the black chick tries to give the dude some attention and his girlfriend blocks it immediately; but then continues to ride the other guy.

That’s a rough relationship
11 months ago
What is the channel this show is on? Is it a satellite channel?
1 year ago
Which episode is this
looking4more 11 months ago
What is Hannah’s full name? Can i find her in anything else?
Lol 11 months ago
This man is a fucking loser XD
If y’all swinging y’all might as well not be together XD
Bruh 11 months ago
What the fuck is this
Dumbass woman 11 months ago
I didn’t know you could do reality shows in porn lol
fart 1 year ago
jj def goes both ways and when he said its amazing…hannah closed her eyes and looked down..body language is everything
Busta Nut 11 months ago
This shit is soooo fake...